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September 02 2017

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Apple has air. Amazon has fire. Google has earth. I think Microsoft should probably make something like water

August 30 2017

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one of the things i loved doing the most while wandering around Hyrule in BotW was talking to the random travelers that i’d come across. it was always a pleasant surprise to see someone wandering Hyrule like me! look, a traveling Gerudo! let’s talk to her! look, a random Hylian! let’s go talk to them! 

and then…the Yuga Clan attacked. my want to talk to travelers is always beat out by the slight chance that they might be a Yuga Clan member that needs to move on with their life. 

least the Gerudo are still safe to talk to still. v.v

wish there were Zora travelers, too tho.

oh my god, i just realized that i meant ‘Yiga’

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when the world is trying to end but u too busy jamming on ur tuba thing

His legs omg

August 27 2017

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Keep the flame going for those we have lost to suicide. 

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I don’t give a fuck if this doesn’t suit your ‘theme’ have a heart and reblog.

to all the boys on tumblr:






  • you are not born a sexist/misogynist
  • you are not born a rapist
  • you are not born an abuser
  • you can change, learn, grow
  • you deserve as much body positivity as girls do. your body image issues and the eating disorders you may have are real and are valid
  • if you’re trans, you are in no way a misogynist for being who you are
  • if you’re trans, you are not worse than trans women, you are equal
  • you can be abused, by women too
  • it’s okay to cry, you aren’t weak for that
  • do not let this stupid site tell you that you’re worthless scum
  • you’re cute
  • you deserve support
  • i’m here for ya

Good to see posts like this among the muck that says otherwise. Thanks.


if you’re a boy, your mental disorders and eating disorders are just as valid. your pain is real and you are not alone.

shoutout to boys with deformities too. shoutout to boys with diseases too. shoutout to boys. we are handsome even if our body isn’t perfect.

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August 06 2017

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When someone says these days sexism and misogyny don’t exist anymore show them this.

July 06 2017

July 04 2017

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The whole Pepsi commercial thing reminded me that people always mis-remember the famous flower in the gun barrel photo as being a young woman. It wasn’t. The photo, taken by Bernie Boston, is of George Edgerly Harris III better known by his stage name Hibiscus. He was a member of the San Francisco based radical gay liberation theater troupe the Cockettes. He died of AIDS in 1982 at the time AIDS was still referred to by the name GRID which stood for Gay Related Immuno-Deficiency. The photo was taken at a protest at the Pentagon. 

I had no idea who he was, thank you.

This is one example of the Mandela Effect phenomena, where an iconic moment is reenacted with a hippy woman so many times that people think that’s the story and thus another gay man is written out of history. Thanks for the photo.

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Pool Noodle Hacks - If you like this list follow ListHacks for more

I don’t care how efficient or cost effective this is, I will NOT be the pool noodle guy. I won’t have my kids become social outcasts because the neighborhood parents won’t let their children at my house. “Dad, why won’t Jimmy’s mom let him come over to play?” Well son, its probably because this house is composed of about 30% pool noodle and 100% shame. Last week I fashioned one pool noodle into an oven mitt, a pillow case, and a fleshlight so I could fuck the same pool noodles that have fucked my life so very royally.


when your group makes a joke about something happening to the party

July 03 2017

July 01 2017

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